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Airline tickets to Switzerland

Below are the cities for which plane tickets for flights to the Switzerland are most often bought. At you can compare the cost of flights to the Switzerland at airport booking offices, travel agents and booking systems in just 5 minutes.

Origin-DestinationDeparture timeFlightAirlineDate of departurePrice
New York - Geneva01:00UA 956United Airlines2020-09-02
from $ 143
Washington - Geneva00:30UA 974United Airlines
New York - Zurich04:55LX 19Swiss International Air Lines2020-01-25
from $ 120
Chicago - Zurich03:10LX 9Swiss International Air Lines2019-12-06
from $ 300
Los Angeles - Zurich05:20LX 41Swiss International Air Lines2019-11-19
from $ 247
Denver - Zurich02:05WK 17Edelweiss Air
Miami - Zurich03:45LX 65Swiss International Air Lines2019-12-17
from $ 276
San Francisco - Zurich05:55LX 39Swiss International Air Lines2020-03-07
from $ 230
Washington - Zurich00:55UA 52United Airlines
Atlanta - Zurich00:33DL 66Delta Air Lines2019-12-06
from $ 304
Boston - Zurich00:00LX 55Swiss International Air Lines2019-11-12
from $ 381
Tampa - Zurich02:45WK 5Edelweiss Air2020-06-05
from $ 432
Orlando - Zurich02:40WK 9Edelweiss Air2020-07-21
from $ 751
San Diego - Zurich05:15WK 19Edelweiss Air
Las Vegas - Zurich08:20WK 3Edelweiss Air
Philadelphia - Zurich02:50AA 92American Airlines
The price of a ticket to and from the Switzerland depends on many factors and changes every day. When searching for tickets, we take into account all of these factors – whether you are flying economy or business class, taking a direct flight or one with a transfer, travelling with baggage or only hand luggage – to offer you the lowest prices for flights to the Switzerland.

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To search for flights to the Switzerland on regular or charter airline routes, select a destination city from the list below. On the city's page you can get acquainted with the ticket prices, airline promotions and special offers in the selected city.

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Notes on the Switzerland

Flights to Switzerland, buy cheap and compare prices

The official name of the country

Swiss Confederation


Country location

Western Europe


Official language

German, French, Italian, Romansh


Monetary unit



Population Switzerland



Capital of Switzerland



Telephone code


Domain name

Domain name


How to buy cheap tickets to the Switzerland?

The ticket price depends on many factors; here are some of them:
  • Time of day at departure
  • Day of the week
  • Airlines
  • Number of days before the intended flight
  • One-way or round-trip
  • With or without transfers
The search engine will help you find and book the best ticket for your trip.
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