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Plane tickets from Raleigh/Durham to Los Angeles with American Airlines

Below are the prices of plane tickets for direct flights from Raleigh/Durham to Los Angeles from the airline American Airlines. The cost of the cheapest plane ticket for a flight from Raleigh/Durham to Los Angeles starts from $ 32 – the departure date of this flight is the 10 April 2020.

American Airlines AA 2605 Morning flight
Departure 05.08.20 05:30, We
1 transfer Trip 5 days
Return 09.08.20 19:30, Su
American Airlines AA 1818 Day flight
Departure 29.03.20 14:38, Su
2 transfers Trip 7 days
Return 05.04.20 10:07, Su
American Airlines AA 1077 Morning flight
Departure 11.09.20 08:12, Fr
1 transfer Trip 11 days
Return 21.09.20 23:15, Mo

*Prices include: baggage, hand luggage, airline fees and charges.

American Airlines flight schedule Raleigh/Durham to Los Angeles

The current schedule of the American Airlines airline's direct flights from Raleigh/Durham to Los Angeles, indicating: the time of departure and arrival, the flight number, airport and day of the flight. Click on the "Check price" link, select some dates and compare prices for free.

5 flights in a week, 5hours 51min. Local departure and arrival times are indicated.
American Airlines AA1676 American Airlines AA1676
Mo - We Th Fr - Su
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Tickets from all airlines

from $ 32 Economy 1 transfer
from $ 32 Economy 1 transfer
from $ 55 Economy 2 transfers
from $ 55 Economy 2 transfers
from $ 137 Economy Direct
from $ 418 Economy Direct

Flight Information

American Airlines airplanes depart from Raleigh/Durham between 01:46 and 23:55.

The airline American Airlines carries out 4 direct flights to Los Angeles per day: AA 1910, AA 1348, AA 1676, AA 1901.

Flights are made from 1 Raleigh/Durham airport: Raleigh-Durham, and arrive at 1 Los Angeles airport: the Los Angeles.

The flight time of the fastest scheduled flight from American Airlines, AA 1676, is 05:20 min. This flight departs from Raleigh-Durham Airport at 01:46 and arrives at 07:06 at the Los Angeles. The modern Airbus A319 liner is used to carry out this flight.

The most popular airport in Raleigh/Durham from which American Airlines airplanes fly is Raleigh-Durham (4 flights from this airport), and the most popular airport of arrival in Los Angeles is the Los Angeles (4 flights to this airport).


The fastest flight


The earliest flight

The earliest flight


The latest flight

The latest flight



Average flight time

05:18 min



2217 mi

Airlines on the route

In addition to American Airlines, 2 airlines fly on the route between Raleigh/Durham and Los Angeles. Southwest Airlines carries out the most flights (20 per day).

*The number of flights carried out by an airline on this route.


American Airlines airplanes flying from Raleigh/Durham to Los Angeles:

  • Airbus A319 - 8
  • Boeing 737-800 - 6

*The number of American Airlines flights from Raleigh/Durham to Los Angeles carried out on board of this aircraft model.


Airports serving American Airlines's air communication between Raleigh/Durham and Los Angeles:

Raleigh-Durham  ~ 1 km* from $ 89

*Distance from the airport to the city.

Los Angeles  ~ 8 km* from $ 89

Popular American Airlines destinations

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19:00 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
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12:00 Newark Liberty
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04:29 LaGuardia
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06:35 Owens Field
from $ 74 29 April 2020
New York - Portland AA 3549 American Airlines Embraer RJ140
13:59 LaGuardia
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15:12 Portland International Jetport
from $ 50 26 April 2020
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13:45 LaGuardia
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American Airlines

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Contacts American Airlines

Official site:, Check-in
Call: +1 817 963 12 34
Office: Executive Office, PO Box 619616, Dallas-Fort Worth Aiport, Texas, 75261-9616, USA
It has 959 aircraft fleet
IATA code: AA

American Airlines airlines

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